Cases and Settlements

$1,221,281.00 reduced because of contributory negligence to $977,025.57 verdict on a slip and fall near construction site: Left distal femur fracture with two surgeries. (reduced by agreement to $950,000.00) to avoid an appeal. 51 year old construction worker slip and fall on construction site from ice caused by sprinkler system being tested the day before accident. The Defendant initially denied testing the system but investigation through the fire department revealed otherwise. Client initially came for a consultation on almost two year old worker’s compensation case and didn’t even know he had a third party case.

$750,000.00 Fatal injury at the construction site.

$750,000.00 Delayed diagnoses of Cancer.

$525,000.00 Hairline hip fracture. Pedestrian hit by an automobile in the crosswalk.

$497,000.00- (Arbitration Award) Slip and Fall on construction site. Fractured right hip and right wrist. Both required operations.

$350,000.00 Broken leg, person pushed down the stairs by a dog

$325,000.00 Head injury/Bicycle accident.

$314,000.00 – Slip and Fall: Plaintiff suffered a left knee.

$300,000.00 Construction worker receives additional third party compensation besides workers compensation.

$300,000.00 Knee injury (torn meniscus)/person falling down the stairs at the apartment building.

S250,000.00 – Auto Collision: Neck pain into shoulders – reversal of the normal cervical lordosis and cervical spondylosis most prominent at C5-6 with end-plate spurring contributing to neoral for animal narrowing slightly more severe towards the right. Right rotator cuff partial thickness tear.

$240,000.00 – Passenger in Auto Collision: Plaintiff suffered injuries to her cervical spine.

$200,000.00 Broken ankle on the sidewalk of the apartment building

200,000.00 – Slip and Fall. Acute right tibia/fibula fracture.

$200,000.00 Knee injury/car accident.

$175,000.00. Shoulder Injury/passenger in a a car.

$166,000.00 Bicyclist struck by a car/herniated disk.

$150,000.00 – Auto/Pedestrian Collision: fractured right leg with surgery.

$150,000.00 – Auto Collision – Neck, back and right shoulder injuries

$150,000.00 Hairline hip fracture falling down the stairs at the apartment building.

$150,000.00 Dog bite

$134,861.35 – Dog Bite. Scars and pain

$115,000.00 – Auto Collision. Back, neck, left shoulder, broken ribs

$115,000.00 Settlement after a lawsuit filed: 54 year old cleaning lady knocked over by a large dog and bit on her chest. Ownership of dog established after investigation.

$100,000.00 – Auto Collision : Various bruises and contusions.

$100,000.00 – (inclusive of UIM Claim) Auto Collision. Left elbow injury resulting in surgery. Client was offered $4,000.00 prior to retaining our firm.

$100,000.00 – Slip and Fall on sidewalk. Right tibial plateau fracture requiring surgery.

$60,000.00 – Dog Bite: 64 year old man bit by dog owned by a police department.

**Please note that the results listed herein are not intended to suggest similar outcomes in other cases.